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Florida Everblades AAA Hockey Club, Program Overview


The Florida Everblades AAA Travel Hockey Club is one of the only Statewide AAA Travel Hockey Programs. SAHOF has designated the 97,96,95,94 & U16 teams as Tier 1. We are also fielding 00-99 & 98 SELECT teams. We are based out of Germain Arena in Estero, Florida. Our Program is designed for players that have reached the level of commitment and desire necessary to play the game of hockey at an elite level. We place a strong emphasis on hockey fundamentals, especially in practices, and offer strong competition, positive attitudes, good sportsmanship and a very high quality coaching staff.


 Our mission is to provide each individual with an opportunity to work hard, grow as a hockey player, understand what it means and what it takes to be a valued member of a team, and to learn life lessons in a disciplined and supportive environment. It is our aim to give each participant a positive experience and help him/her gain the necessary skills to compete at the AAA level on a national/international basis. We also strive to help prepare each individual player for the next step in his or her hockey career.





The Florida Everblades will field teams at the following levels for the 2008-09 Season:











All teams will compete in a series of AAA Tournaments in the United States and Canada at the highest possible level. Each team will also schedule exhibition games outside of their tournament commitments, as their schedules permit. Some teams may play in a AAA league in addition to their tournament play. It is anticipated that all teams will play 40-60 games / 4 Out-of-State & 3 In-State tournaments throughout the season. The number of games and Tournaments played by each Florida Everblades team will vary depending upon the age category, level of play and the willingness of coaches and parents.




team Practices


All teams will receive approximately 56 practice hours during the season. Any additional practice times are at the team's expense and must be booked and paid for by the individual team.



The Florida Everblades 2008-09 Season officially begins on the date Team Selections are made, and will terminate on April 15th of the following year.  No team or team member may represent themselves as a Florida Everblades Team or Team member outside of those dates without approval from the Board of Directors.




All Florida Everblades team participants are expected to travel to all home and away games within their specific leagues and for any tournaments entered by the team. All travel expenses, including transportation, food and lodging, and any coaches expenses and tournament fees over and above those specified by the Board of Directors as being covered in the registration fees, are the responsibility of that individual team and not of the Program.



All Florida Everblades Coaches are USA Hockey certified and are screened and selected by the Board of Directors prior to the Season.  The list of Coaches for the 2008-09 Season is located on Attachment A.






All Florida Everblades rules, regulations, policies and procedures will be developed and administered by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are listed on Attachment C. The Board of Directors also decides annually what committees will be established in order to oversee the organization's needs. The 2008-09 committees may include Tournament Committees, Fundraising Committees and other committees, as needed. The rules, regulations, policies, procedures of the Florida Everblades set forth in this Handbook or in any other materials produced by the Program may be modified by the Board of Directors at any time to comply with the rules and regulations of USA Hockey and SAHOF, and otherwise to promote the best interests of the Program.


Each Florida Everblades Team will be selected through on-ice tryout which are open to all players in the State of Florida. Each prospect and their parents must sign a Tryout Registration Form and present the prospect’s birth certificate and a current USA Hockey card.

Each age level will skate at least 2 hours on-ice during which time they will be evaluated as to their hockey skills, knowledge of the game and fitness levels through a series of drills and  skating exercises. The players will then be divided up into teams and observed by the evaluators through a series of team scrimmages. Evaluators will be the Head and Assistant Coaches for the team and may also include the Director of Hockey, other Everblades Team Coaches and staff.

Immediately following the ice sessions, the evaluators will meet and make Team Selections. The Team Selection List will be then posted and all selected players, together with their parents, will immediately attend a Team Selection Meeting to receive Player Information Sheets, sign Commitment Letters and pay registration fees.

At anytime during the Season (consistent with USA Hockey rules), a new player may be added to a team who, in the opinion of the Team Coaches, has the necessary skills and ability to play at the Tier 1 AAA Level.



It is each participant's responsibility to obtain all required registration documents and to fully comply with all registration policies and procedures. Items such as registration fee amount, payment schedule, included and excluded items covered by the registration fee, benefits package, etc. will be included in the registration materials. For every player selected to participate on a Florida Everblades team, the player and his/her parents must sign a Player Commitment Letter in the form of Attachment D .  Further, upon selection, every player will be given the Player Information Sheet set forth on Attachment E.





All Florida Everblades registration fees shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Registration documents shall be distributed through the Team Managers and Board of Directors. Copies of all forms can be found on the Florida Everblades website.  The basic registration fee for each player for the 2008-09 Season is $2,800.00


All registration fees must be paid by the following due dates:

-   Upon Selection                                      $550

-   August 1, 2007                                        $750

-   October 1, 2007                                      $750

- November 1, 2007                                   BALANCE PAID IN FULL (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Unless prior arrangements have been approved by the Board of Directors, any player with delinquent fees will be suspended from all team activities and will NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE ICE to practice or play in any games, scrimmages or tournaments whatsoever.




There shall be NO REFUNDS of registration fees for anyone who has signed a Commitment Letter to play for a Florida Everblades Team, expect as required by USA Hockey Rules.  




Any player added to a Florida Everblades Team after TEAM SELECTION has occurred will not receive a reduction in registration fees for any reason.




The Florida Everblades Board of Directors will grant player releases to all participants who are in good standing with the Program. All items of concern, including any unpaid fees, must be resolved prior to a release being issued. Any participant who has signed a commitment to another USA Hockey organization for the same period of play or who was born outside the United States must secure a player release from that association or hockey federation prior to any participation with the Florida Everblades Program.





The Florida Everblades is USA Hockey sanctioned and a member of S.A.H.O.F (Statewide Amateur Hockey of Florida). All Florida Everblades players must be validly registered with USA Hockey for the current season so that they carry the USA Hockey General Liability, Excess Accident, and Catastrophic coverage provided to them as members of USA Hockey.  Additional insurance coverage is the responsibility of the individual participant.  Detailed USA Hockey insurance information is available at www.usahockey.com.




Information regarding Team Uniform purchase and requirements is set forth on Attachment E. Each participant will be allowed to choose his or her own player number. Conflicting number requests will be decided as follows: (i) returning Florida Everblades player has first priority to keep previous year’s number, after which (ii) any conflicts will be determined by ages of players.  The Equipment Package will include a Home and Away Jersey and one pair each of Home and Away socks, warm-up pants and jacket, a team polo shirt, a shell and a travel hockey bag. All hockey gloves and pants must be BLUE in color.  All participants shall obtain an industry-approved helmet or goalie mask. All participants must have a BLUE AND a WHITE helmet. All player helmets containing decals or writings of any kind shall be removed and only official Florida Everblades helmet decals and player number will be allowed. Goalie helmets may have customized paint schemes and the team decal is not required.




All additional hockey equipment shall be obtained at participant expense. USA Hockey requires the use of specific hockey equipment. Contact your Team Manager if you are unsure of your equipment requirements. All participants, regardless of age classification are required to wear an attached MOUTHGUARD AT ALL TIMES when on the ice. NECKGUARDS are REQUIRED for Mite and Squirt age classifications and are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for all age classifications.




The Board of Directors and Florida Everblades Coaches have the ability to issue specific team rules. A sample Team Rules Document is set forth on Attachment G. The rules contained therein are hereby endorsed by the Florida Everblades Board and may be adjusted by each individual team Head Coach to reflect the age and maturity level of his team, provided all such rules (and disciplinary actions taken) are subject to Board review and approval.




All Florida Everblades participants, parents, guardians, spectators and coaches must comply with all directives contained in the Florida Everblades and Germain Arena Code of Conduct policies and the USA Hockey ZERO Tolerance Policy. Every player and parent in our Program will be held accountable for your behavior.  The Board of Directors has the authority to issue disciplinary action against any participant, parent, guardian, spectator, or coach who is in violation of any of these directives and /or policies.  This action may include, but is not limited to, written reprimands, suspensions, removal from the Program, and/or expulsion from the Program.


1.      Respect all players, parents, coaches and officials, both on and off the ice, in word and in manner.

2.      Any damage caused to Germain Arena or any other facility by a player and/or parent/guardian will be paid for by that player and/or parent/guardian and further suspension and disciplinary action will result.

3.      Accept and respect decisions when they are made.  No arguments with coaches, officials or other players.

4.      Honesty, maturity and integrity should be displayed at all times and included in all decisions and actions.

5.      Remember that every player on the ice is someone's child.  Treat them with kindness and respect.




The Florida Everblades Board strongly encourages you to closely monitor your players’ academic performance.  Academics are as, or more, important than participation in youth sports.  If a participant is having difficulty academically, parents are encouraged to work together with the Team Coach to resolve the situation.





All Florida Everblades Teams will have the ability to fundraise In accordance with the Fundraising Guidelines set forth on Attachment F.  ALL fundraising activities and/or sponsorships must be approved by the Board of Directors PRIOR to the event or solicitation.  


The Florida Everblades Program is registered as a 501(3)(c) Organization with the Internal Revenue Service and has received a valid Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption pursuant to Chapter 212 of the Florida Statutes. Copies of these documents can be reviewed by contacting the Board of Directors.

Teams may not use the Federal Tax Identification Number or the State of Florida, Not-for-Profit Corporation Registration Number without prior approval by the Board of Directors.  Any Funds collected using these numbers must be deposited into Florida Everblades accounts and controlled by the Board-appointed treasurer.  Individuals attempting to raise funds for   use by any Florida Everblades team or player must meet all federal and state regulations concerning the use of 501(3)(c) corporation funds, and such persons are reminded that federal and state laws and regulations control the collection and use of donations such that significant penalties can be incurred for failing to fully comply with such regulations. Any questions regarding this should be directed to the Board of Directors.  


The names "Florida Everblades AAA", "Florida Everblades Travel Hockey Club", "Florida Everblades Youth Hockey Club, Inc", and the crossed gator tails Logo may not be used or reproduced without the expressed, written consent of the Board of Directors.  Persons are specifically denied the use of these trademarks for fundraising purposes without first submitting the proposed fundraising plan, along with samples of fundraising materials, to the Board of Directors for approval.

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